Autopot 6Pot System

Autopot 6Pot System

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Why choose AUTOPOT ?

No more watering every day . The plants are automatically supplied by the AQUAValve module as required.  
The AUTOPOT systems can be left unattended for several days without any problems and
can be expanded as required with little effort. Since it is a passive system, no electricity or timer is required. In contrast to open irrigation systems , no wastewater is produced, which saves fertilizer and fresh water.

AUTOPOT is available in 2 variations.

The Easy2grow system is the low budget variant, in which there are always two plant pots together in a coaster. Two plants are always fed at the same time. The Easy2grow system is equipped with 8.5L plant pots .

AUTOPOT Standard
This AUTOPOT system is the standard variant in which each plant has its own saucer and thus also its own supply of the plant. The AUTOPOT standard system is equipped with 15L plant pots

This system contains the following components:
1x 47 liter tank with lid
1x 6mm rubber socket
1x 6mm golf filter
6x coaster with lid
6x 15L pot
2x 6mm shut-off valve
6x AQUAvalve
6m hose 6mm
6x matrix mat
6x root barrier mat
3x 6mm X piece