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BioBizz Top Max
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BioBizz Top Max

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What is TopMax?

TopMax? is a 100% organic bloom booster, which has the triple purpose of increasing the fruit and increasing the weight, providing a sweet, soft taste in the end product and promoting the absorption of nutrients in the plants.

TopMax? releases ions such as calcium, iron and magnesium, which stimulate the metabolism of the plant.

The special way in which Top · Max? Activating the flow of nutrients is made possible by the use of humic acids.

How can I Top · Max? to use?

TopMax? can be used during the entire flowering period.
In the first few weeks, we recommend a dose of 1 ml per liter of water.
In the weeks before the harvest, the dose can be increased to 4 ml per liter of water.

Top · Max humic acids?

The extraordinary way in the Top · Max? Supports the flow of nutrients, is made possible by the use of humic acids, which are formed by deposits of vegetables and soil over millions of years.
Its main source is a deposit called Leonardite and this is the material with the greatest organic concentration on the planet.
Leonardite was formed by trees and vegetation that grew, bloomed, and died during the carbon age 300 million years ago.

Fulvic acids enable healthy flower growth.
They are extracted from certain exceptionally rich sources of humane deposits found deep in the earth.
They contain a natural electrical charge that removes nutrients and minerals from the microbiological soil and the applied organic fertilizers.
Due to its special properties, together with humic acids, it contributes to energy for old cells and promotes the formation of new cells.