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Cannexol Cat

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Cannexol CAT 3% CBD Oil

Cannexol Cat 3% was developed especially for our velvet paw friends. The oil is optimally suitable since it contains only very little traces of THC. Bitter substances have been removed and the sunflower oil has been refined with vanilla extract to allow cats to accept the oil.
Our Animal CBD oils are full spectrum oils, but the THC content has been reduced to a minimum.
We use

  • 100% organic sunflower oil from green Styria
  • Natural, rich CBD extract from hand-picked manufacturers in the EU
  • natural vanilla
  • Filling & Packaging in Austria

Cannexol Cat 3% CBD Oil is certified with the independent quality seal of the ARGE-CANNA. ARGE-CANNA is the first independent seal of quality for CBD products.
Content: 10ml
Ingredients: sunflower oil, hemp extract, vanilla extract
<0.05% THC