Element Rice Papers

Element Rice Papers

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As the name 'Elements' suggests, these long papers combine the four elements.

’Earth’ stands for the paper used. The paper is natural, eco-friendly but also ultra thin rice paper. This burns almost without ashes. The adhesive seam is made of natural sugar gum which caramelizes deliciously when burned...

'Water' is symbolized by the company's own crisscross watermark which is printed on each sheet. This watermark prevents burnup and ensures a smooth, slow burning of the rolling papers.

'Wind' plays a role in the production, because the energy for making the papers comes from wind power. Incidentally, the production place is the Spanish region Alcoy which lies in the mountains north of Alicante. Alcoy is considered to be the birthplace of cigarette paper, since it was produced there first around 1700.

Of course, 'Fire' is needed to get the self-rolls working. The rice papers are designed for fire so that they burn optimally and cleanly and do not affect the smoky taste.

Due to the 'Perfect Fold’, developed and patent pended by 'Elements', where each sheet is already folded at the optimal rolling point, the rolling of perfect ones is very easy.


Rice Paper, Sugar Gum

109x43mm (King Size Slim)

Ultra Thin