Greenception Cluster LED 1150W

Greenception Cluster LED 1150W

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Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 24.20 kg
  • Dimensions: 810x700x75mm
  • Power consumption: 1150W 
  • Photon flux density (30cm): up to 3115 µmol / m² * s
  • Photon flux density (60cm): up to 1774 µmol / m² * s
  • Photon flux density (90cm): up to 1073 µmol / m² * s

The Greenception GC LED series was developed as a 1: 1 replacement for existing sodium vapor lamps. The goal was a comparable growth or harvest result with significantly reduced electricity costs.

All modules are switchable. Both the light spectrum and the amount of energy can be adapted to the respective phase. We have developed 2 different clusters for the respective requirements: growth and flowering.

Power consumption in detail:

  • Growth spectrum (16 clusters): 580W
  • Flower spectrum (14 clusters): 570W

The heart of every cluster is our highly efficient full-spectrum COB chip (link will follow). The growth cluster has additional blue and white SMD chips from CREE. The bloom cluster has additional red SMD chips from Osram.

It should also be emphasized that due to the nature of the COB chip, mainly white light is emitted for the human eye. This has the advantage that you can finally observe the plants properly without any additional components and can thus, for example, recognize diseases and / or pests early.

In addition, only the fans that are also required for the corresponding switching levels are now running. If less light burns, then fewer fans run.


Since some chips emit infrared and ultraviolet, it looks like the chips are not working because these color spectra are not visible to the human eye.

You can photograph or film these chips with a cell phone camera, for example, to check whether they light up.

We can recommend the GC-30 for boxes from 150x150cm floor space.