Greenception GC 16 Plus LED 700w

Greenception GC 16 Plus LED 700w

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Greenception GC 16 Plus

The Greenception GC 16 Plus was designed as the perfect medium-budget LED lamp for ambitious hobby gardeners and has a switchable, particularly broadband light spectrum (including near-UV and far-red) that is optimized for plant lighting. Due to the design, square base areas up to 150 x 150 cm are optimally illuminated. The Greenception GC 16 Plus was developed as a 1: 1 replacement for 1000 watt sodium lamps. The GC 16 Plus differs from the GC 16 with its additional, continuously dimmable full and flower spectrum boost modules.
Switchable spectrum: The special thing about Greenception LED lamps is that the light spectrum is not fixed, but can be adjusted by the user to the respective crop phase of the plants simply by pressing the 4 toggle switches or the 2 stepless dimmers. In this way, both the quality of light (light spectrum) and the quantity of light (amount of light) can be adapted to the needs of the plants. This is particularly important because plants often need a different light mix in the growth phase than in the flowering phase. For example, a blue-heavy spectrum in the vegetative phase leads to a more compact growth form, the reddish spectrum in the flowering phase promoting the formation of the flowers. Since the spectrum of Greenception LED lamps is variable, your plants are optimally illuminated in every cultivation phase. Module details: The module groups can be switched individually:


  • Module I: seedling / cuttings (growth) 2 x 32 W
  • Module II: full spectrum / vegetative 2 x 32 W
  • Module III: full spectrum / vegetative 4 x 32 W
  • Module IV: flower 8 x 32 W.
  • Full spectrum boost: 118W (continuously dimmable)
  • Flower spectrum boost: 80W (continuously dimmable)
Module I is optimized for seedlings / cuttings. A relatively high proportion of blue and white ensure a compact growth habit. The integrated near-UV light ensures faster root growth of the seedlings or cuttings. Module II and III are suitable for both vegetation and flowering. Full spectrum for an optimal supply of light to the plant. Module IV is optimized for flowering. Very high red content and additional far-red ensure faster and more pronounced flower formation.
Suspension and operation:  Greenception recommends the GC 16 Plus for a floor space of max. 150 x 150 cm. An area of ​​120 x 120 cm is optimal.  

The height of the lamp depends on the culture and phase. At full intensity, Greenception recommends a general minimum distance of around 40 cm between the lamp and the plant tip in order to achieve the most homogeneous illumination possible and to avoid light burns on the plant.
Use of the switching stages: The toggle switches serve to determine both the light color and the light intensity. The switching of the clusters is planned in such a way that the toggle switches for the respective culture phase (1st seedling / cutting 2nd vegetative / growth 3rd flowering) are switched on without switching off the already activated switch. Accordingly, the first switching stage (seedling / cutting) can remain activated from the start of cultivation until the end of the flowering phase. This is recommended by Greenception due to the included near-UV light, which brings many advantages both in the cultivation and in the flowering phase. In any case, it is recommended to activate the flower spectrum at the beginning of the first signs of flowering and to have all switching stages in operation during the flowering phase. Click here for an info graphic on the recommended use of the switching stages. Note: The near-UV and far-red LED chips emit light in wavelengths that are very difficult or even impossible to see for the human eye. It can give the impression that the LED chips are not working. You can photograph or film these LED chips with a cell phone camera, for example, to check whether they light up. For even more control on areas from 100 x 100 cm, we recommend the GC Bar 8 . This LED plant lamp can be controlled via an external controller ( GC signal ) on 3 channels with light recipes automatically over the course of the day. The spectrum and its intensity can be controlled automatically over 24 hours and adapted to the plants in even more detail. Reasons for Greenception-LED vs. Sodium vapor lamp (HPS or HPS)
  • 40% less power consumption
  • Less heat
  • No risk of fire or explosion
  • More compact, stronger plants thanks to a better and more targeted light spectrum
  • Less follow-up costs due to longer shelf life
  • Environmentally friendly
Technical specifications:
  • Weight: approx.17.5 kg
  • Shipping weight: approx. 18.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 650 x 650 x 70 mm
  • Power consumption: max. 700 W (including fan)
  • Replaces the output of a 1000 watt sodium lamp
  • Photon flux density PPFD approx. 3000 µmol / m² * s (at a distance of 15 cm)
  • Photon flux density PPFD approx. 2500 µmol / m² * s (at a distance of 30 cm)
  • Beam angle: 105 °
  • Not only photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) but also based on scientific knowledge beyond (300 nm - 800 nm)
Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x LED lamp
  • 1 x power cable
  • 4 x steel wires
  • 1 x snap hook
  • 1 x instruction manual
  • 1 x handout
Why you should choose Greenception plant lighting:
  • German innovator
  • Successful on the LED market for 8 years
  • Own, licensed research at the location in Münsterland
  • Inventor of the compact, square LEDs for home growers
  • Strong customer and dealer support
  • Has been offering lighting solutions with a wider light spectrum than comparable manufacturers for years
  • Pioneer of switchable and software-controlled plant lamps
  • Outfitter of professional plant breeders worldwide